PrettyMilk Glowing Skin (3pc)Turmeric + Carrot + Calendula

Botanical Kit| Travel Friendly Skincare Set, Cleanser, Toner,

Hydrating Facial Serum


  • Turmeric + Carrot + Calendula -

      Facial Cleanser (15ml)


  • Turmeric + Carrot + Calendula

      Fcial Toner Toner 15 (ml)


  • Retinol Hydrating Facial  Serum (15ml) 


Hydrate - Nourish: Packed with plant-based ingredients

such as Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and more!


Created For All Skin Types: Plant-based essentials known to feed the skin. 100% cruelty-free. Your best glowing skin is waiting.

Glowing Skin (3pc) Turmeric + Carrot + Calendula Botanical Kit, Travel Friendly

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